One of the biggest issues facing the older population is loneliness and social isolation. 1 in 4 elderly people have indicated that they don’t have social interaction more than once a month and nearly 20,000 people are currently living with Dementia in Essex. The Brentwood Tea Dance, initially set up as a dementia friendly session, has been set up to bring those with dementia and the elderly together to get them moving and keep them active. The Brentwood Tea Dance welcomes all.

Leah Lambert, who supports the tea dance said: “The feeling you leave with, stays with each individual for the rest of the day. Everyone leaves happy and that is what is so great.”

Nicky Smith, from The Brentwood Centre said: “It is humbling to see how dance brings many guests ‘to life’ as the memory kicks in.” Dance and music stimulate social interaction for those living with dementia which enhances their mood and re-establishes memories for a couple of hours.

The Brentwood Centre, Livewell Brentwood and Right at Home Brentwood organise a fortnightly tea dance. The programme, seed funded by Active Brentwood and Brentwood Council see over 50 people regularly attend. The collaboration between local authority, leisure trust and a charity has built a strong partnership of them working together to achieve a whole system approach.

Building on from the success of the Brentwood Tea Dance the Brentwood Rotary Club, partnered with Brentwood Council to fund a Dance & Dine; a class open to anyone over the age of 50 to grab their dancing shoes and have fun, whilst The Brentwood Centre have a community garden and dementia programme. Brentwood have identified a need to work with the elderly population and those living with dementia to reduce social isolation and are playing a significant role in meeting the needs within their community.


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