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"This has been a lifeline for my children. After so much time in lockdown they’ve really needed time to play and socialise with their friends. It’s kept them active and happy, and afforded me time to work from home in quiet." - One parent/guardian from Colchester during the summer holiday.

"Wonderful and caring staff who gave confidence to my children that they would have a great time. My kids particularly enjoyed the drumming sessions and one of them who wasn’t very keen into sports was given the chance to do alternative activities. Thanks so much! It gave me very valuable couple of hours when I could work." - One parent/guardian from Brentwood during the summer holiday.

"All fantastic staff, really welcoming [...] they interacted well with my teens, which is not easy. I was dreading school holidays, as I hate them being on gadgets and this helped me tremendously, as it enabled me to leave them with people I trusted and they me feel welcomed and happy to leave my children in their care.” - One parent/guardian from Epping Forest during the summer holiday.

"Two of my children have sen needs that require them to attend places they are conformable and familiar with to enhance their well-being and interaction skills this club promoted these and more. Thank you team! Plus the children were fed and watered providing me with financial assistance that is vital during holidays as shopping is always doubled with hungry mouths to feed." - One parent/guardian from Braintree during the summer holiday.

"My children loved all the activities. They had fun, grew in confidence, tried new things and interacted with other children. They enjoyed the food. It has kept them occupied & has been positive for their well-being. The summer holidays can be very tough at times as a single parent family. The scheme really has been a god-send for my children & me.” - One parent/guardian from Colchester during the summer holiday

"This was amazing as let my kids see their friends in the holidays and have fun! And my youngest daughter who attended who has missed out on lots due to having a brain tumour, was great seeing her so excited. Jane at Janet duke was/is amazing with her." - One parent/guardian from Basildon during the summer holiday.

“This is probably the most amazing scheme that I have experienced. My children were so happy and it reduced my stress levels which usually increase greatly over school holidays. […] We are on a tight budget and cannot normally afford to put the children into the expensive holiday clubs and they end up spending holidays in the house, not being very active.” - family feedback after the Summer Half Term.

“ This club is a life line to me and my family, having 3 children with challenging behaviour can be very isolating but kids club feels like an extended family.” - family feedback after the Summer Half Term.