Community Games applications must include 2 different physical activity/taster activities (Section 1), 2 different competitive sport activities (Section 2) and an Opening/Closing ceremony (see below):

SECTION 1 – Physical Activity/Taster Activity

Criteria: Physical activity – any planned and structured exercise aimed at enhancing communities’ health. Taster Activities – non-traditional, non-competitive come and try activities.

Please see below suggestions (we will welcome other suggestions that meet the above criteria).
Suggestions include:
•Led Walk
•Led Cycle
•Fun Run
•Dance based activity
•Martial Arts
•Fitness/Aerobics session

SECTION 2 – Competitive Sports

Criteria: A competitive sport is an activity involving physical exertion in which an individual or team(s) competes against another.

Due to finite amount of funding applications including the below suggested activities will be given preference but other sports with a recognised national governing body will be considered. Activities can be either indoor or outdoor:

Outdoor                                     Indoor
•Rounders                                 •Boccia
•Short Tennis                            •Table Tennis
•Volleyball                                 •Badminton
•Baseball/Softball                      •Carpet Bowls
•Ultimate Frisbee


An opening ceremony could involve an opening parade, dance display, cutting of ribbon etc. While a closing ceremony could involve presentation of awards.


Read FAQs below or download here>> 

Q. What are the Community Games?

A.The Community Games aims to get people to stage their own Games event and to bring communities together to take part in sporting and cultural activities inspired by the success of the London 2012 Games. Your event should provide an opportunity for everyone in your community to participate.

Q. What does a Community Games Event look like?

A. They could all be different – for example some could be held on one day at one venue, some over a week at multiple venues.

A. Community Games applications must include 2 physical activity/taster activities (Section 1), 2 competitive sport activities (Section 2) and an Opening/Closing ceremony (see above):

Q. Can an existing event be a Community Games?

A. Yes if it incorporates all of the key features above.

Q. How has this fund come about?

A. The London 2012 Olympic & Paralympic Games have proved to be the biggest sporting events ever to take place in this country. In the build-up to the Games, three projects were established, along with funding to support community events, these were, Open Weekend, “Celebrate Your Fete” and Community Games, this builds on the Legacy of the Games with the funding supported by Legacy Trust UK and is part of a national programme.

Q. Who can apply?

A. Applications are invited from bodies which are properly constituted, or have Terms of Reference, Essex-based and community focussed. Although not an exhaustive list, this may include: Town and parish councils, Village Hall committees, Neighbourhood committees, Residents’ Associations, Community Groups and Voluntary Organisations, Universities, colleges, schools or PTAs; It is important that the Games are driven and shaped by a community and although an event can be facilitated by a local authority or other statutory organisation, the community itself must be instrumental in the development and delivery of the event.

Q. Can commercial organisations or businesses apply?

A. There is nothing to prevent a commercial organisation or a local business from applying as part of a “Community”, but the fund is aimed at not for profit organisations to encourage community engagement.

Q. Can individual schools organise a Community Games?

A. Yes as long as there is a ‘community’ element where the wider community can be involved as well, for example a school fete, an event where parents and grandparents or other organisations are invited along to be part of the Games. It cannot be used to fund a traditional school sports day.

Q. Do events have to be free?

A. We hope that the Community Games programme will ‘be accessible to all and ideally free of charge for participants.’ Ideas for raising money on the day(s) of the Games include raffles or by encouraging local craftspeople or organisations to have a stall at the Games and charging them a fee for doing so. Alternatively, you could consider charging for selected activities rather than charging an entrance fee.

Q. Where can I get some ideas for my event and what help is available for Community Games Organisers

There is a Community Games Toolkit, which is available to download
This contains a wealth of valuable information and tips for organising an event.

Q. How much funding can I apply for? Do I have to have match funding as well?

A. Communities can apply for up to £400, although the panel may award only part funding depending on costs and activity. You must have match funding (even in kind funding which could be volunteers time) as this will help your application. If possible it would be a good idea to open a specific bank account to use for your Community Games, as we will not be able to pay monies into personal accounts. There is only one grant that will be allocated per organisation/event.

Q. What can the funding be used for?

A. The funding should be used for the physical activity, sport and ceremony activities (stated in application). Any equipment will only be considered if an activity is dependent on the equipment to take place and it will be used after the event for other activities or events. This will considered by the panel when assessing the applications.

Q. Who are the panel and what will they do?

A. The panel will be made up of the Rural Community Council of Essex (RCCE), Active Essex Board members and ECC Big Society officers and will be the panel who decide on which projects should receive funding.

Q. When are panel meetings?

A. There will be one application opportunity only with the closing date of 24th February 2017 at 5pm any applications received after this time will not be considered.
The panel will meet beginning of March 2017 and notification will follow shortly after. There is a finite amount of funding and once this is distributed the fund will end for 2017, so it is recommended to apply as soon as possible. The panel’s decision will be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into on the panel’s decision

Q. Where will my event be promoted?

A. We will be promoting successful Community Games event through the Active Essex website, social media and a promotional campaign. As a term of grant the Active Essex and Community Games logo’s must be used on all promotional material (this will be sent to successful applicants).

Q. What evaluation will be required?

A. We will require a project lead evaluation and participant questionnaires to be completed as a condition of grant. These evaluations will be sent by Active Essex directly to event organisers to complete and return to Active Essex following your event. 25% of the grant will be kept back until this evaluation has been received.


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