Have you recently taken up riding a bike regularly, for work or for leisure? We want to help more people make the same change you have, and we’re looking for people enthusiastic about riding a bike to be Ambassadors. Why not encourage others to join you on your new journey?

We’re looking for pillars of the local community who could show others how to get into riding a bike; and how easy it can be to learn or get back on your bike and make a lifestyle change. We are looking to recruit people who have a great story behind why they took up riding a bike and how it has changed their lives. Those people must be passionate and infectious so you can inspire others in your community through the Essex Cycle Ambassador campaign.

Job profile:

Level 1 – will incorporate being visible and promoting the work you are doing to potential members of the public who could benefit from taking up riding a bike. This will involve promotion on social media pages, social groups and wearing branding. Alongside this you will be able to attend led rides, and be an example to new or less confident riders. They will also know if existing resources such as apps, websites and training available to pass on that knowledge to potential customers.

Level 2 – Will have the same roles as a Level 1, however they will be administrators for the social media accounts to ensure content on the pages are current and suitable. They will also be able to organise rides and also lead rides, book courses and help with basic bike checks. When there are national and local campaigns such as Bike Week, Level 2 Ambassadors will be asked to promote these campaigns within their communities, clubs and online..

If you would like to apply to become a Cycling Ambassador, please download the Application Form below. Please send completed forms to: Robert.Anderson@essex.gov.uk