Essex was chosen by Sport England as one of 12 areas in England to undertake this ground breaking work because of the range of significant problems and opportunities which exist in the county.

There are high levels of physical inactivity, particularly in the areas of greatest need and deprivation. The size and structure make Essex complex, with two tiers of local authority. There are unique problems of poor urban planning, as well as long term and stubborn deprivation in many coastal communities. Alongside these issues are the significant pressures on existing services and communities brought about by an explosion in new housing developments.

In spite of these significant systemic problems, the bid put forward by Essex to Sport England offered real hope and opportunity for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Essex is already fully committed to whole system change at the highest level through the Essex Assembly and the shared vision ‘The Future of Essex’ and Essex LDP has become an integral part of this broader whole system change ambition.

During 2018 we have completed three important strands of research with Collaborate CIC, Intelligent Health and the University of Essex.

These have culminated in the development of seven strategic priorities which are included in our Chapter One report ‘Getting ready for system change’.

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