Sport and Physical Activity Sector consultation open until 31st May 2021

Links to take part are below:

Organisational Training Needs Analysis LinkClick here

Self Employed Training Needs Analysis LinkClick here

Guidance notes to support with completion:

Organisational Training Needs Analysis Guidance Notes

Self Employed Training Needs Analysis Guidance Notes

Essex Sport and Physical Activity Sector Skills Strategy

Active Essex and CIMSPA are working together to create a local skills strategy to ensure we have people with the correct skills to meet the evolving needs of our sector.

We are asking employers and self employed individuals to complete either an organisational training needs analysis or self employed TNA to help provide an accurate picture of training needs and skills gaps for the sport and physical activity sector.

We are aiming to create a framework to coordinate the actions of sport and physical activity training providers, education partners and the local workforce to improve the appropriate skills. Through the wealth of intelligence gained through the OTNA/TNA, a comprehensive picture will reflect the local needs, match demand and build a skilled workforce.

By strengthening the skills training offered, and being responsive to the changing conditions, this work will focus on the skills needed in the local labour market. Effectiveness of this approach will be measured throughout. A sustainable infrastructure will underpin the long-term vision and ability to continually review to raise the skill levels.

We will be compiling a local skills strategy, in conjunction with a newly formed local skills advisory panel. This will be supported by the commitment from many local partners including Further Education (FE), Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP) and other employer partners. The strategy will underpin the delivery of future training opportunities and investment into this area.

We know that Covid-19 may have impacted and altered the immediate landscape for sport and physical activity, and we intend to work to include any plans for recovery and renewal post Covid-19.

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