The walks were set up to encourage people who are less active to take part in regular local walks. Finding your Feet is based in Finchingfield and was a collaborative project between Community 360 and the Freshwell GP Practice in Finchingfield. The surgery displayed posters, were involved in monitoring the activity levels of patients and referred them to participate in the walks.

The ACE 12 week My Weight Matters weigh-ins and the walk were on the same day. This encouraged more people to join in. ACE were able to cross refer between the walking activities, weight management and the GP’s at Freshwell GP Practice.

Volunteered and led by Jo Bryant, the walks were initially geared towards participants based locally, however since its conception walkers are now attending from surrounding areas. She said: “If we can support one person to make a noticeable difference in their physical or mental health then I believe we are doing a good job!”

The walking group recognised that inactivity meant different things to different people, so all walks were inclusive. Each week saw at least 16 people attend from a variety of backgrounds; mothers with babies in slings, older people with limited mobility and others who had attended weigh-ins and wanted to boost their daily step count.

An elderly participant said: “I joined 6 weeks ago, with limited mobility and walked with a frame. The walks really have changed my life! I enjoyed the social aspect of the activity as well as meeting new people, who have been very supportive and encouraging.”