The new Local Services Fund is a unique fund that will allow communities through Local Parish and Town Councils and other formally constituted groups the opportunity to directly prioritise, enhance, develop and grow local capability thereby making a real difference in the villages, towns and communities across Essex.  This is a revenue fund and unique as it is able to pay salaries related to delivering a new service.

Communities are invited to submit pre application checklists no later than the 3rd April 2018, application forms must be received by the 1st May 2018 in order to qualify for the second funding panel to be held on the 15th June 2018.

The grants available are  up to £10,000 per bid or £15,000 over 3 years.  There is an expectation of matched funding.

The types of projects that may be funded (please note this list is not exhaustive)

  • Handyman Schemes
  • Business Apprenticeships
  • Hedge Maintenance
  • Community Volunteers
  • A Community Café
  • Preventing Antisocial Parking, Litter Picking etc