By offering employees physical activity opportunities or adopting good wellbeing practices, such as 50-minute meetings, coupled with 10-minute walk and stretch, it will in turn increase productivity, reenergise staff and encourage employee retention. By implementing small changes, workplaces will see the benefits long-term for both their employees and their business.

Why is it so important?

Employers have an important role in permitting their staff time to pause during the working day and promote physical activity opportunities to help practice positive mental wellbeing. Company initiatives, as shown in the diagram below, help reduce health risks, enhances personal effectiveness, improve quality of life, and benefits the organisation’s bottom line through fostering teamwork.

What methods can be adopted?

Simple methods such as holding team challenges using step counters and advertising free YouTube workouts to do during lunch can help to encourage movement and time away from the desk. Or, for those working from home, their usual commuting time could be used for a 15-minute run, walk or cycle to set staff up for the day or allow them to unwind after.

Small steps can be taken, but we all hold the responsibility for looking after our workplace’s health. Covid has presented us with the perfect moment to make this positive step and improve everyone’s physical and mental wellbeing. So, get your workplace ready to join an exciting new movement coming later this month.

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