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Youth Sport and Crime Prevention Project Manager

  • Youth Sport and Crime Prevention Project Manager
  • Fixed Term 3 years
  • £40-44k
  • Thursday 2nd December 2021

About The Active Essex Foundation

The Active Essex Foundation is an independent charity that has been set up to use physical activity and sport to engage and support the most inactive communities and tackle the inequalities that exist across Essex. We work with locally trusted organisations to support them in their work engaging with the most at risk in their communities. If you would like to find out more about the Foundation, click here.


About the Essex Sport and Youth Crime Prevention Project

The Essex Youth Sport and Crime Prevention project is a new 3 year project that has been funded through the National Lottery Community Fund Reaching Communities programme and the Active Essex Local Delivery Pilot.

The Active Essex Foundation are recruiting two new full-time employees to develop and deliver the project across Essex, working with key strategic partners and locally trusted organisations.

The Active Essex Foundation is a unique charity that is ideally placed to lead an Essex-wide project of this importance. The use of sport to reduce youth offending and youth crime is a top priority for the Active Essex Foundation. The project is supported by two expert partners. Firstly, Loughborough University who are the leading academic institution in the country undertaking cutting edge research and evaluation to build a robust evidence base of how sport reduces youth offending and youth crime. Secondly, StreetGames is a highly respected national charity using sport to improve the lives of disadvantaged young people, and StreetGames is the only national charity leading on the youth crime and sport agenda.

The Active Essex Foundation has been working with the Essex Violence and Vulnerability Board, Essex Police and the Essex Police, Fire and Crime Commission for the past 18 months championing the use of sport and physical activity interventions with young people involved in and at risk of becoming involved in the criminal justice system.

We are immensely proud to have already built a network of over 100 locally trusted organisations (LTOs) across Essex, most serving the county’s numerous disadvantaged communities. We partner with this network to deliver our comprehensive school holiday activity and food programme. However, only a small number of these local organisations are currently using sport in a trained and methodical way to prevent young people from offending as well as support those young people who are already involved in anti-social behaviour, youth crime, and youth violence. There is enormous scope and opportunity to engage, train, and support many more LTOs in our network to effectively use sport to prevent youth crime and violence. This would provide us with the scale needed to impact positively on thousands of vulnerable young people in Essex. This project gives us the opportunity to achieve this.

This project has four outcomes:

1) taking a pro-social approach to make a significant difference to the vulnerable young people who engage in sport to divert them away from criminal behaviour and towards a positive lifestyle with positive outcomes.

2) grow a large network of trusted local organisations who use sport effectively to divert young people away from youth crime and youth violence.

3) demonstrate to the youth justice system that sport is an effective tool to enhance positive outcomes for young people in the context of youth crime and violence.

4) create a strong evidence base of proven blueprints and approaches that increase positive life outcomes for vulnerable young people that can be replicated at scale across Essex.

This project will focus on two large systems in Essex:

1) Youth Justice System – influence the youth justice sector at a systemic level in Essex to change policy and increase the access to training and resources for the criminal justice workforce to develop their understanding and application of how to use sport to prevent vulnerable young people from offending and committing violent behaviour.

2) Community Sport System – grow a large network of locally trusted organisations across Essex who are quality guided to use sport effectively to divert young people away from crime and violence.


Applying for the role

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