This June we are teaming up with 3030 Essex to bring you even more activities! From Monday 1st June, you will see even more activities on our timetable, as well as daily challenges. If you can’t complete a session on that day, try and use the day to complete the challenge. Want to know more about 3030 Essex? Click here.

If you’ve taken part in some sessions from the Keep Essex Active channel – we would love to hear what you think! Click here.

Find out all about our instructors and their classes below:



Tone those Abs with Nic

About Nic’s class: Strengthen the core muscles with Nic every Monday morning. This is an intense workout on the abs, but Nic will give you lighter options if you need!

Lower Body Focus with Leila

About Leila’s class: Leila will be delivering a lower body impact session. Hear from Leila:  I’m Leila and I’m the founder of INSPIRE. I have a few string to my bow with INSPIRE being my main brand which includes fitness, wellness digital magazine, eve…

Let’s Get Fit with Mr Gilder

About Mr Gilder’s Class: Grab some household essentials and get ready for a home workout! Dean Gilder is a secondary school teacher, bringing you exciting bootcamp workouts! Hear from Mr Gilder: I am a 30 years old, Secondary School PE teacher at the N…

Body Combat with Gary

About Gary’s Class: There is so much to learn with Gary from this workout such as moves from Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Muay Thai, Capoeira and Kung Fu! This class will get your blood pumping, your arms punching and your legs kicking! Body Combat is a…


Thai Chi for Health with Tara

About Tara’s Class:  “Self-care is important” says Tara. Join her in a gentle Tai Chi for health session. You can join in with her whilst seated in a chair or standing. Relax and enjoy! Hear from Tara:  Hi My name is Tara and I’m the founder of Roots t…

Seated Aerobic with Lindsey

About Lindsey’s Class: Join Lindsey from Shimmy’n’Groove in a light seated aerobics session to make sure you are increasing mobility, stretching those muscles and moving more. Hear from Lindsey:  Shimmy ‘n’ Groove Fitness Ltd offer community based clas…

Mum and Baby Yoga

About Tania’s class:  Tania is an Early Years Specialist and Author, Baby Massage Instructor and Yoga Teacher and is excited that her Mum and Baby Yoga sessions will be part of the Keep Essex Active initiative. Whether you are new to yoga or old-hat th…

BlitzFit Sport

About the BlitzFitMe classes:  Join in with your early years kids to have fun in the garden whilst doing the BlitzfitMe fun workout!

Workout 300 with Heidi

About Heidi’s class: A great high energy session to work every muscle in your body! Join Heidi for a fun, fast paced workout, where we will feel the benefits!


HIIT Fitness with Demi-Lee

About Demi’s Class: Let’s get the hearts pumping for Demi-Lee’s HIIT class! It may be high intensity and a full body workout, but you’ll definitely feel better for it after! Hear from Demi:  Hi my name is Demi, I live in Essex. I am a personal trainer…

Cardio Combat with Lily

About Lily’s Class: Lily will definitely get you moving! You’ll love her infectious mentality and her energetic attitude! Cardio Combat is a full-body workout that targets every muscle group.

Primary Children Fitness with David

About David’s Class: David is one half of Changing Lives in Harlow. He is bringing you fun activity ideas for early years primary school children. It is important to give them focused activity and we are sure David will keep them entertained! Hear from…

Yoga with Martyna

About Martyna’s Class: Join Martyna in a relaxed, calming environment. She is great at walking you through the steps if you are new but also has moves that will test you if you are a regular yoga attendee! Hear from Martyna: Hi, I’m Martyna and I’m a y…

Leg Endurance with Ben

About Ben’s Class: This workout may only last 20 minutes but Ben knows how to get those legs burning! With his experience from training with England Squash team, we know this will be high energy! About Ben: 29 years old Professional Squash Player World…


Sweat with Jack!

About Jack’s class: Jack will be doing bootcamp style workouts for the whole body, whether you want to follow his workout in the front room or get out in the fresh air by doing it in the garden or the park, you will be sure to get sweaty!

Relax & Meditate with Marisa

About Marisa’s class: Join Marisa in an uplifting, relaxing meditation session. With Marisa you will feel good in both body and mind. What better way to get you refreshed for the afternoon! Hear from Marisa: My name is Marisa Swain and I am a Fitness P…

Sport for Confidence

About the Sport for Confidence Classes: Each week will be delivered by a different, but amazing instructor from Sport for Confidence. Expect inclusive activities for everyone to enjoy, from adapted indoor boccia, dancing and many other exciting sports.

Total Tone with Chloe

About Chloe’s Class:  Chloe makes up the Townsend Twins! Chloe always brings a smile and high energy workouts that we know you will enjoy. Use her workouts to get a full body tone, through a mixture of movements. Chloe always makes sure these moves can…


Kettlebells with Carina

About Carina’s class: Don’t worry if you don’t have Kettlebells, Carina tells us all about many household items we can use instead, to still get a good workout. This session offers a full body kettlebell workout and you make it as hard as you want and…

Hula hooping with Sophie

About Sophie’s class: We all love a hula hoop, so get yourself one and join Sophie in a super fun session, starting with basics and developing your skills over 3 sessions. It never feels like your working out, when it is this much fun! Hear about Sophi…

PE with Mr S

About Anthony’s Class: Our very own Mr Seaman. Ant is great at providing, innovative and exciting ideas for children to keep active. Whether that is using chairs in the garden as posts, a balloon as a ball in the house or even cans of beans for weights…

Dance with Active Life

About Freya’s Class: Freya lives in Southend and has a 5 month baby boy called Ezra. Freya 8 weeks after her baby was back teaching for active life. Freya used to be a professional dancer before getting into teaching and exercise. Freya has studied for…

Teen Yoga with Natalie

About Natalie’s class: Natalie will walk you through a yoga session to relax, stretch out and refresh yourself for the weekend. Although her sessions can be enjoyed by all, she really wants to get teenagers engaged with Yoga for their mental wellbeing.


Pilates in Pyjamas

About Belinda’s class: That’s it, you heard us right…get moving whilst in your PJ’s! Set yourself up for the weekend with this calming and fun session!

Football Training with Coach Ben

About Ben’s Class:  Ben is the second half of Changing Lives in Harlow. Ben will be bringing you a football session for the whole family to join in with. From football drills to skills, he has it all!

Martial Arts with Ozel

About Ozel’s class: Martial Arts with Ozel includes something for the whole family. Ozel will walk you through a number of movements and routines each week, so that by the end of his 3 sessions, you will be able to put lots of movements into a safe mar…


Yoga & Meditation with Kate

About Kate’s class: Kate will work both your body and mind, but also teach it to relax. Looking after our mental wellbeing is so important at the moment, and Kate wants to help you do that.

Move it or Lose it with Sandra

About Sandra’s Class: Sandra is from Move it or Lose it and she wants to motivate people to keep active in later life. She is great at explaining the activities and walking you through both seated and standing exercises, that can even be done whilst yo…

Join Rosie for Stretch & Mindfulness

About Rosie’s Class: Join Rosie in a relaxing mindfulness and stretching session to calm you and de-stress ready for a new week. Hear from Rosie: Hi, I am Rosie Pike a Health and Wellbeing Officer at Epping Forest District Council. I work within the co…

Read about our past instructors classes here – most of which you can still try on Youtube!


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