I’m Rebecca and you can find your active with me in Chelmsford!

As a Community Connector I will be helping and supporting you to make a real positive change in your lives. I believe that a problem shared is often a problem halved and that shared social experiences build strong communities which enhance the health and wellbeing of all.

We each face many challenges throughout our lives, and the pandemic has highlighted the importance of meaningful social interaction and physical activity in enabling us to remain healthy and well.

I love the concept of Find Your Active because it acknowledges that we are all individuals with different tastes and physical capabilities – that will likely all enjoy different ways of keeping fit but that we are all entitled to find and define our own personal slice of the active cake!

Throughout my role I hope to build strong and dynamic relationships with a range of different people throughout Chelmsford. I love to help people to realise their goals, to feel better and to make Chelmsford’s portfolio of activities more accessible to more people. I have come to understand how moving more and enjoying it along the way can enable us to tackle, not only physical challenges, but also those such as depression, social-isolation, and anxiety.

I’m on my own journey into physical activity and one of the motivations behind getting a dog was to encourage me back to walking and it certainly has done so.  I have walked every day for the past five years. I love walking because you can set your own pace.

I love being outdoors I often have friends joining me for walks and I certainly feel ready for the day after I’ve returned from a walk. I can most certainly feel the mental benefits of walking. I meet and talk to different people most days and I enjoy that very much. I feel that getting outside often blows the troubles away and certainly helps me to gain perspective.

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