I’m Tracey and you can Find Your Active with me in Tendring!

I have always been deeply passionate about exercise and keeping active and I feel that it is very important to keep active in order to live a long, happy and healthy life. I want to help others to achieve this and find an activity they enjoy doing.

The ‘Find Your Active’ campaign to me means finding an activity that you love, that it is not a chore and that will fill you with a sense of joy. Being active can mean many different things to different people and one size does not fit all. I understand that everyone is an individual and therefore has different needs that need to be accommodated. My aim is to help get my area of Tendring into more activity, which also will enhance the happiness and community spirit among its members.

I am an all-year-round sea swimmer and up until 18months ago, I had not swum in the North Sea, not even as a child. After discovering the water in lockdown, I really have not looked back. I have found a community of swimmers of all ages and shapes and sizes, but we all have one thing in common and that is the smile as you leave the water! It is exhilarating and fabulous for your mental health.

Some of my favourite activities include sea swimming and dancing, I want to play a role in encouraging and supporting people to find an activity that’s right for them.


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