LDP Core team 

Jason Fergus

Role: Director of Active Essex/Project Lead LDP

Contact: Jason.Fergus@essex.gov.uk

About: Jason is a Project Lead for the Local Delivery Pilot within the Core Team, he has been involved in the project since the very beginning in 2017. Jason is also the Director of Active Essex, the Active Partnership for Greater Essex who has an ambitious strategy to change one million lives to get Essex active.


Rob Hayne

Role: LDP Senior Project Manager

Contact: Rob.Hayne@essex.gov.uk

About: Rob is one of the Senior Project managers for the LDP, focusing on our business operations work of the core team, lead contact for finance and budgets, supporting on policy and strategy, and working with Colchester for priority place support.


Kerry McDonald

Role: LDP Senior Project Manager

Contact:  kerry@kerrymcdonald.co.uk

About:  Kerry is a member of the LDP core team, leading on LDP work in community development and capacity building, and also supporting the LDP work across Tendring. Kerry has previously worked as a senior manager for Sport England, and is a founder of the national StreetGames charity where he was Director of Fundraising for 10 years raising over £35m for the award winning youth sport charity.


Kelly Harman

Role: LDP Delivery Manager

Contact: Kelly.harman@essex.gov.uk

About: Kelly manages relationships with stakeholders and partners across local authorities, community and voluntary organisations and within Essex County Council.  Kelly is the thematic lead for Health and Wellbeing within Active Essex and this work crosses over to the LDP. Kelly is the programme lead for LDP Micro Grant programme and #ConnectTogether share and learn events.


Louise Voyce

Role: LDP Community Safety Lead/Active Essex Relationship Manager

Email address: Louise.voyce@activeessex.org 

About: Louise is a Relationship Manger at Active Essex, she is responsible for the Sport for Development work across Essex and leads on the Community Safety Setting for the Local Delivery Pilot.


Hannah Taylor

Role: Senior Researcher

Contact: hannah.taylor@essex.gov.uk

About: Hannah leads the data and insight work for the LDP.  She is responsible for supporting the team to ask the right research questions and providing them with insights that help inform decision making.  You will often find her engrossed in a spreadsheet or completing qualitative analysis surrounded by post-it notes.

Neil Coggins

Role: LDP Lead project administrator

Contact: Neil.coggins@essex.gov.uk

About: Neil provides lead support to the core team on project management and administration, ensuring the necessary planning, governance, tools and monitoring are provided to help the Local Delivery Pilot run on schedule. Neil has over 30 years experience of admin and project management within ECC’s various sectors, finally making it to the Physical Activity environment in which he also spends most of his spare time in.

Chloe Hinds

Role: LDP Administrator

Contact: chloe.hinds@essex.gov.uk

About: Chloe provides administration support including processing micro grants, organising Share and Learn events, producing our weekly newsletter and keeping the Local Delivery Pilot team upskilled on the latest Digital developments.

LDP Core Team/LDP Coordinators  

Sarah Stokes

Role: LDP Coordinator-Colchester

Contact: Sarah.Stokes@ActiveEssex.org

About: I work in a Coordinator/Community Explorer type role which aims to connect and build relationships with people in the community, particularly community champions in order that we uncover the good things that are happening in Colchester. We hope to use these connections and the insight gained to steer where funds are then invested.


Cheryl Lomas

Role: LDP Coordinator-Tendring

Contact: Cheryl.lomas@activeessex.org

About: I consider myself to be someone who connects with the local community, who works alongside the community to help them develop ideas to help raise activity levels on a neighbourhood level and beyond.  Once the ideas are developed I continue to support the community with the delivery of their ideas to ensure their success and to learn from any stumbles along the way, all the while sharing the ideas with others and spreading the good news stories.


Jeanette Thomasson

Role: LDP Co-Ordinator-Tendring

Contact: jthomasson@tendringdc.gov.uk

About: I’m Jeanette and I work as an LDP Co-Ordinator for Tendring. My role involves trying to understand the real issues that prevent inactive people from being, or becoming active. Then it’s about building trusting relationships, so that the LDP team can help to get those people moving forwards into activity, and a healthier and potentially more fulfilled life.


Gurnam Kasbia

Role: LDP Coordinator-Basildon

Contact: gurnam.kasbia@activeessex.org

About: My role is a dynamic role and gives me the chance to connect communities and advocate on all levels with the insight gathered  to influence stakeholder policies; understand, promote and support the co-creation of ideas to encourage physical activity with some of most vulnerable communities.

LDP Core Team-LDP Areas 

Michelle Tarbun

Role: Group Manager – Wellbeing & Prevention-Colchester

Contact: Michelle.Tarbun@colchester.gov.uk

About: Michelle leads the Colchester Borough Council, Wellbeing & Prevention Teams and is the Colchester lead for the Essex Local Delivery Pilot.


John Fox

Role: LDP Tendring Council Lead

Contact: jfox@tendringdc.gov.uk

About: John is the lead for Tendring District Council for the Local Delivery Pilot and also chairs the local Leadership Group which brings partners together around the Pilot.  He also undertakes a wider public health role within the Council and seeks to ensure the Pilot is fully embedded with wider work.


Grant Taylor

Role: Head of Culture and Health at Basildon Council

Contact: grant.taylor@basildon.gov.uk

About: Grant is the lead officer for the Basildon borough aspect of the Essex pilot. He is the main advisor to the Chairs of the Basildon LDP Implementation Group and leads the Active Network Commission. Grant attempts to weave in the inspirational work of the LDP into his day to day function as the Head of Culture and Health at Basildon Council, seeking to embed and hardwire the LDP into business as usual for the benefit of our communities.


Rhiannon Vigor 

Role: Public Health Improvement Practitioner for Basildon Council 

Contact: Rhiannon.vigor@basildon.gov.uk

About: I am so art of the local Basildon LDP team. As Public Health Practitioner for Basildon Council, my role is to help embed LDP thinking into the councils everyday services whilst engaging local health partners and connecting opportunities from the wider health & well-being agenda. 

LDP System Leads 

Juliette Raison

Role:LDP Basildon/Active Essex Relationship Manager

Contact: Juliette.raison@activeessex.org

About: As the Relationship Manager for South West Essex, Juliette is part of the local Basildon LDP team, supporting local delivery and strengthen links between LDP and other Active Essex work


Hayley Chapman

Role: LDP Tendring/Active Essex Relationship Manager-Inclusion Lead

Contact: hayley.chapman@activeessex.org

About: Hayley is an Active Essex Relationship Manager working across North Essex and is the theme lead for Inclusion. Hayley supports the Colchester and Tendring LDP work and ensures this is connected to the wider Active Essex workstreams taking place across North Essex.

Simon King

Role: LDP Workforce Lead-Active Essex Relationship Manager

Contact: Simon.King@ActiveEssex.org

About: Simon is a Relationship Manager for Active Essex and leads on Workforce initiatives across the Active Partnership and Essex Local Delivery Pilot. Workforce is one of the underpinning areas that sits across the priority settings and so Simon works with setting leads to support development in their areas.


Dawn Emberson

Role: LDP Education Lead/LDP Core team

Contact: dawn.emberson@activeessex.org

About: As thematic lead for Children and Young People for Active Essex, Dawn supports the LDP work within the core team as an audience and Education system setting specialist.  Ensuring a joined up approach to all work and effective use of resources, insight and best practice.


Sam Williams 

Role: Urban Design Consultant

Contact: Sam.Williams@essex.gov.uk

About: Sam is an Urban Design Consultant working for the Local Delivery Pilot and Place Services. Sam provides support on planning, design and infrastructure and is working to promote the active design principles across Basildon, Tendering and Colchester.


Ben Page 

Role: Integration and Partnership Lead, Adult Social Care

Contact: ben.page@essex.gov.uk

About: Ben leads on the Prevention and Enablement Model (PEM), the LDP’s largest investment to date. The objective of PEM is to test the impact of using physical activity to connect people to their local community, promote health and wellbeing and live independently. This involves managing the priority workstreams which include: community partnerships, physical activity in occupational therapy, strength and balance, care homes and the evaluation of PEM.


LDP Communications Team

 Holly Adams 

Role: LDP Marketing and Communications Officer

Contact: Holly.Adams@ActiveEssex.org

About: Holly is one of two communication officers for Active Essex, the Essex Local Delivery Pilot and the Active Essex Foundation. Holly works with the team to produce social media posts, story-tell and design work, as well as PR and media relations. Thus enabling us to share information and blueprints with our partners, stakeholders and Essex residents.


Grace Hilton

Role: LDP Marketing and Communications Officer

Contact: Grace.Hilton@ActiveEssex.org

About: Grace is one of two communication officers for Active Essex, the Essex Local Delivery Pilot and the Active Essex Foundation. Grace works with the team to produce social media posts, story-tell and design work, as well as PR and media relations. Thus enabling us to share information and blueprints with our partners, stakeholders and Essex residents.


LDP Evaluation Team 

Dr William Bird 

Role: LDP Evaluation and Health Expert Partner

Contact: william.bird@intelligenthealth.co.uk

About: *Coming Soon*


Adrian Coggins 

Role: ECC Evaluation Lead

Contact: Adrian.Coggins@essex.gov.uk

About:*Coming Soon*


Dr Paul Freeman

Role: Co-Lead of University of Essex Evaluation Consortium

Contact: pfreeman@essex.ac.uk / essexldpevaluation@essex.ac.uk

About: Paul is a Chartered Psychologist and co-lead of the team evaluating the Essex LDP.  Our evaluation team comprises academic experts from three University of Essex departments and two other universities (Brunel University London, Sheffield University), and three external companies (Jump, Reason Digital, Impact Reporting). The overall aim of our work is to deliver a high-quality, systematic and robust process and outcome evaluation of the Essex LDP, which produces evidence to inform policy and practice and helps to embed evaluation methods sustainable beyond the lifespan of the pilot.

Valerie Gladwell

Role: Co-Lead of University of Essex Evaluation Consortium

Contact: vglad@essex.ac.uk

About: Valerie Gladwell is leading the evaluation team which consists of members from the University of Essex, and other Universities (Sheffield Hallam and Brunel), as well as external companies Jump, Reason Digital and Impact Reporting. The evaluation will provide important findings about how the LDP is working and enable learning to take place to make alterations where appropriate. Valerie has collaborated with Active Essex since 2016.

Anna Pettican 

Role: Co-Lead of University of Essex Evaluation Consortium

Contact: anna.pettican@essex.ac.uk 

About: Anna Pettican is a member of the evaluation team at the University of Essex, she contributes to project design, data collection and the ongoing dissemination of findings.  Anna’s professional background is as an occupational therapist and she has particular interests in working with marginalised groups, physical (in)activity, healthy inequalities and participatory approaches to research and evaluation.

Sport England 

Adam Rigarlsford

Role:Sport England’s Strategic Lead

Contact: Adam.Rigarlsford@sportengland.org

About: Adam is Sport England’s Strategic Lead working collaboratively with the Essex LDP team and partners to provide strategic input, advice and management direction to ensure effective progress and financial accountability for the LDP programme.

Marie Hartley 

Role: Sport England’s Local Pilot Manager

Contact: Marie.Hartley@sportengland.org

About: Marie is Sport England’s Local Pilot Manager working alongside the Essex LDP team as a ‘critical friend’ providing guidance, advice and support to ensure a collaborative and co-design approach to this local delivery pilot work.