The Life Enhancing Activity Programme (LEAP) based at Leisure World Colchester has a specific Diabetes Support Programme. The 12-week programme is aimed at those who have been diagnosed with Diabetes or pre-diabetic health conditions. Throughout the sessions participants develop knowledge of diabetes and its treatment whilst building awareness and motivation to exercise.

Audrey, 76 attending the programme. She has been living with Type 2 Diabetes for almost 35 years and found out about the programme after a LEAP presentation at Colchester United Football Stadium last year. Since attending the programme and participating in their exercise groups, Audrey’s average blood glucose levels have reduced.

Audrey said: “The course gave me lots of useful information and the classes have improved my balance and coordination. But the great thing is, my blood glucose levels have reduced as a result of taking part in the programme.”

Joan was referred to the Diabetes Support Programme through her GP, after living with Diabetes for over 10 years. Joan said: “The activities have helped my health condition and has benefited me in keeping fit and healthy.”

If you would like to find out more information about the Diabetes Support Programme from LEAP, click here.

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