Basis South Essex (30th October 2020)

LDP approved, Basis, who supporting visually impaired residents, Michelle Thomas shared: ‘Fortunately since we had adapted the project to run online it hasn’t been adversely affected by the change to Tier 2 restrictions. There are at least 12 people attending the keep fit each week and we have 5 more people interested who we plan to deliver training to in using Zoom to get them set up.

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      • Basildon Mind (30th October 2020):Basildon Mind - The Essex MapBasildon Mind started delivery of their LDP supported Active & Assured Basildon Mind walking group this week. Basildon Mind are supporting the community walking group with walking buddies who will stimulate interest in walking as a form of exercise for people affected by the pandemic.

      • Basis South Essex-(2nd October 2020) :The LDP funding has meant that the BASIS keep fit group had been meeting weekly via Zoom sessions, hosted by our keep fit instructor Steve. 12 of our visually impaired members take part each week, maintaining their fitness and having the opportunity to keep in touch with each other. At the beginning of September the group had returned to its “real world” venue in Billericay to exercise in small, socially distanced groups, however following Boris Johnson’s latest guidance we took the decision to return to the Zoom sessions to keep our older members safe. The secondary positive outcome to come of these sessions has been that all the keep fitters have learned a new skill in using the Zoom App which they have been able to transfer to keep in touch with family and friends throughout lockdown. We’ve adapted and learnt along the way so that we now know the sessions will continue through whatever the pandemic throws at us! 
      • T.I.M.E and Stroke association (25th September 2020): TIME: Therapy In Musical Expression's stream on SoundCloud - Hear the  world's soundsMarc and the team from T.I.M.E, have been delivering music sessions for carers since 15th September online. They have engaged 12 people for 1 hour which went really well. This will be continued to be delivered online until the new year, then hoping to review for face to face delivery dependant on guidance. Taking this proposal online has meant they can deliver double the sessions because of 1-hour online recording and  saving on the venue costs. The savings means that they can now purchase instruments for all participates to use at home to ensure physical activity. Please see below feedback below from the session: 

        Louise Harnigold of The Stroke Association: “Wow that was amazing thank you so much. Everyone had a great time, the music sounded fantastic and we have already had a few people contact us asking when we can do that again.”

      • Changing Pathways (18th September 2020):LDP approved Changing Pathways (women’s refuge) Couch to 5K running group has started, Thursday was the  2nd session. 10 women signed up have a brand new kit. Going really well and the women are happy and enjoying the run. There is already planning taking place for the second phase.
      • Basis South Essex-(August 2020): LDP approved Micro Grant applicants Basis supporting the visually impaired, have repurposed their idea in these difficult times to support their service users. Due to COVID 19 they will be running a Zoom keep fit group, in place of the usual face to face sessions, working with 10 visually impaired clients each week.
      • Purple Genies (June 2020):

        Purple Genies is a well-known group that support people with their mental health. During lockdown they are being flexible with the LDP funding,  bringing ‘Moods, Movement and Magic Moments’ to the residents of Basildon (See attached leaflet to share). This is to enjoy movement via dance and then having space to share what’s on their mind with others… Purple Genies have another 2 established groups that support men and women, the WOW and the WOLF  programmes which work with people who are in recovery from domestic violence and need support with their mental health. The WOW programme is for women, and the WOLF programme is for men.

      • Shaddow Group (June 2020):LDP Shaddow Group, co-funded by Swan Housing continue to make a difference with young people and their families. They have been completing dance routines and performing arts from their homes as part of the fun assignments. To celebrate Swan are shining a light and sharing this on their website, social media channels and with the local media, particularly the Basildon Echo who have been interested since it launched back in January this year.
      • Kool Cares (May 2020):Kool Carers are using their micro-grant money to boost their support for young carers who are feeling increasingly isolated through online and phone counselling sessions.
      • Achievement through Football (ATF)(May 2020):Achievement through football (ATF) are supporting Briscoes Primary School with six sessions a week including boxing fitness and family gardening, ensuring social distancing is maintained. We are supporting 16 young people over the sessions.
      • Sheltered Housing (May 2020):An LDP Micro grant approved applicant shared will be uploading exercise videos on their system to support their staff to keep more active and to promote health and wellbeing.
      • Kids Inspire ‘Have your Say’ (March 2020):Some exciting news was revealed this week through the work of data and insight.  Kids inspire are a local children charity who would like to gather thoughts from local parents to carers, and young people on their views and ideas on how to get children and their families more active in a local, community context.  This will help the LDP further understand assets and barriers for families to be physically active enabling us to support community-driven interventions accordingly. With the project based across Basildon, Chelmsford Colchester and Harlow, this project also enables comparisons to be drawn between LDP areas and other areas in Essex.
      • Ndi-Igbo –(March 2020):Ndi-Igbo Basildon is a dynamic Association swelling in numbers and new interests across Basildon and surrounding Boroughs. This great Association continues to move from strength to strength carrying out various activities to improve the welfare of members. Gurnam  our LDP Coordinator visited one of our micro-grant recipients in Basildon ‘Ndi Igbo’ to observe the group in action on the evening of Saturday 29th February, demonstrating the diverse community becoming more active through traditional dance.

Muddy Boots (11th September 2020):

Muddy Boots Forest Adventures commenced  their LDP microgrant-funded Babes in the Wood sessions at Highwoods in September. The aim of these sessions is to reduce social isolation felt by new parents, to get outdoors, and take a therapeutic walk through the forest and feel the benefits of being out in nature. The groups are relaxed and informal, with a chance for mother/father and baby to see the Forest School site, explore the Montessori Treasure Baskets while enjoying a beverage and a natter with other like-minded families. Muddy Adventures with Dad have begun, for older children. These LDP-funded child-led sessions include mud kitchens, den building, bug hunting, campfire snacks, nature crafts and bird watching and provide an opportunity for Dads to meet with other local fathers or grandfathers

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      • Colchester Borough Council-(August 2020):Activity support packs designed to help improve the physical and mental health of older people who have been isolating were distributed in  Colchester, funded by the LDP. The packs contain practical examples of ways to stay active at home with tailored exercises, along with items to help people take part in physical activity more easily. A Community Enabling Officer from Colchester Borough Council worked with partner organisations which included Arthritis Action, Age Concern, Independent Age,  Community 360, Colchester United, the Community Face Mask Tree group, and Clare Blackwell – a local Pilates Instructor – to produce these packs which target those residents who are not digitally active and who seemed to be the most socially dis-connected, lonely and inactive
      • Colchester Life in the UK (July 2020):This week Colchester Life in the UK who work closely with the Nepalese community shared with us their walking and yoga exercise sessions at Abby fields. Racheal the organiser said ‘the weather almost ruined it but the elderly Nepalese were so determined that we stayed on until after noon. It went well and hopefully we can do this again soon
      • Bangladeshi Women Across Essex (June 2020):After consulting with their participants, community group Bangladeshi Women Across Essex started their LDP-funded Zumba and Tai Chi sessions online via Zoom this week. They are planning to run weekly ladies only Zumba from Monday 22nd June 5pm-6pm and weekly Tai Chi from Tuesday 23rd June 5pm-6pm. The organiser arranged some home visits (whilst maintaining social distancing) to get some participants familiar with using Zoom in order that they can participate
      • Together We Grow At Home (June 2020):Successfully launched last month, following the award of an LDP micro grant. All horticulture packs were allocated within the first two weeks for clients of Refugee Action, Sanctuary Housing, and families of key workers from North and Home Farm Primary School. Director Wayne Setford told us the group engaged in a lively Zoom chat after the showing of videos to inspire and educate them. There is also a WhatsApp group for those who wish to carry on these conversation and form new friendships. These sessions take place weekly on Friday mornings, and the plan is to host a face-to-face gathering for all participants once social distancing and group gathering guidelines allow, where spare produce will be prepared, cooked and shared by all
      • Colchester Life in the UK (March 2020):One of the micro grants from Colchester ‘Elderly exercise’ started their first session in the first week of March 2020. They received an attendance of 25 seniors, 2 facilitators and 3 volunteers. Rachel the organiser gave back feedback and said ‘I’ am happy and grateful for all your support. Sorry couldn’t help myself from letting you know’ 



Berts Belly Busters (20th September 2020): 

Cheryl our LDP Coordinator for Tendring attended Berts Belly Busters first outdoor session on Sunday, they had 6 families attend, parent and child and all took part in a bounce session.  I spoke with some of the attendees afterwards who said they loved to be able to take part in an activity with their children, the children and young people said they are looking forward to the next one.  There were even spectators who wanted to join in but because of injury and being pregnant were not able to but they wanted to come along to see what it was like anyway.

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      • Feel Good Drumming (20th September 2020): The drumming circle which is now happening outdoors, Monday evening a Sisterhood drumming circle was held on the beach in Walton, one lady who attended has not been one since lockdown and although she struggles with crutches she was determined and took part walking down the slope to where the drumming circle was set up….and of course she had to walk back up again! The drumming was the most activity shes done in a long time.  Other feedback was that they felt totally safe despite being on the beach as the sun set.
      • Walk and Talk 4 Men(20th September 2020):Olly Murs attended the Walk and Talk 4 Men walk on Sunday! James from Walk and Talk 4 Men has been badgering Olly for some time knowing Olly is an Essex lad an a great ambassador for mental health, James tenacity finally paid off and Olly attended the walk.
      • Berts Belly Buster (July 2020):One of the recent approved micro grants, Berts Belly Busters organiser Roberta (Burt) has made some hats for her new Belly Busters when her sessions start. Burt is super excited to be able to start the sessions and help families get active in Walton
      • Walk and Talk for Men (June 2020):James from Walk and Talk 4 Men  has been reaching out to members of his group and offering to meet them for socially distant walks.  One particular guy had gone quiet on their group chat which prompted James to reach out to him fearing his mental health was suffering, James suspicions were true and the guy was struggling……without the support from Walk and Talk 4 Men this guy would still be feeling low and like he had nowhere to turn.  James has also released this week he is now doing 1-2-1 walks 7 days a week!
      • Feel Good Rhythm-(February 2020):Feel Good Rhythm had 33 participants attend their first session with great feedback.“Hi Lisa, I just wanted to thank you for the drumming workshop. My daughter has had a particularly bad couple of days but she came out from this evenings session beaming and exclaimed “I loved that! I really enjoy drumming” (the girl is 12 and has mental health problems)