About the Project

  • This project is a sports programme for Harlow College Special Needs students, providing taster sessions in boccia, tennis, wheelchair basketball, athletics, sitting volleyball and football.
  • The aim is to help the students find sports they would be interested in taking part in on a regular basis at the All Ability Sports and Leisure community sessions.
  • The project also worked with Harlow College Sports & Leisure students in the delivery of the sessions. This helped to provide volunteer experience for these students.
  • This project will run for 24 weeks.


  • An average of 10 students per session and 4 college student volunteers.
  • 90% of participants stated they had gained new skills.
  • 90% stated that their confidence was boosted.
  • 90% had made new friends.
  • 90% had discovered something new that they liked doing.
  • 75% stated their physical fitness had improved.
  • 100% felt part of something.
  • 90% will carry on taking part
  • 100% of volunteers stated they had gained new skills.
  • 100% of volunteers stated their confidence in delivering sessions had increased.
  • 100% of volunteers discovered something they like doing.
  • 100% of volunteers would like to carry on volunteering at sport sessions.

“I found a game that I love.” Connor (participant)

“The best thing about the sessions is playing as part of a team and working together.” Billy (participant)

“Volunteering at these sessions gives me wider skills and knowledge.” Charlie (volunteer)

“The best thing about volunteering at these sessions is learning new sports and skills in helping others.” Max (volunteer)