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The 2018 Active Workplace 8 week challenge came to an end last weekend, inspiring people to be more active around their working day.

The focus of this year’s challenge was on incorporating physical activity into the commute, encouraging participants to include cycling or walking into their daily journeys. The groups registered across Essex managed to log an incredible 24,900 miles, this is almost a full circumference of the planet, and over 2 and a half trips to Gold Coast City, host of the Commonwealth Games next month.

In total over 33 million steps were taken, and this emphasis on active travel saved £650 worth of fuel.

The challenge consisted of a few separate competitions – Darren Ingrouille from Chelmsford City Council scored the most activity points.

Gary Cole from Colchester Borough Council recorded the most steps, logging an impressive 1,175,988 steps.

Andrew Ferris from Visteon Engineering Services saved the most CO2, saving 257kgs.

The company leaderboard was topped by Ringway Jacobs.

The Workplace Challenge is a project set up to combat the negative effects that inactivity can cost the employer. An unhealthy workforce costs the economy £60 billion per year. The Workplace Challenge has led to a 0.6 day reduction in absenteeism and helped 84% of inactive employees become more active, increasing productivity and wellbeing at work.

For more information about getting involved with your workplace, visit our workplace challenge website here.