The publication is deliberately short and punchy, recognising a unique opportunity to capitalise on the increased recognition by government and the general public that being physically active is a necessity for good physical and mental health in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. An Active Essex – Shaping our Future encourages us to continue the conversations about the most important priorities for the future of physical activity and sport in Essex, and prepare for a new strategy in early 2021 that everyone can unite behind.

Active Essex and the LDP staged a successful live webinar on Friday 18th, with over 100 people subscribing to hear about the Shaping Our Future publication. The webinar was chaired by Caroline Rassell, an Active Essex Board member, and participants were entertained by three fascinating and insightful presentations from Dr William Bird, expert adviser on physical activity to the government and Essex LDP, Chris Perks, Sport England Executive Director for Localities, and Jason Fergus, Head of Active Essex and LDP. The webinar will be followed up by a number of local engagement events to collect feedback and information from a wide range of stakeholders to help shape the new Active Essex strategy and the new LDP forward plan.

If you were unable to attend the webinar or would like to watch it again. Please see the video below.


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