Charlotte is a mum of 2 who dedicates her spare time to helping ladies in her local community of Harwich. After her Nan, an outwardly fit woman suddenly passed away, Charlotte became determined not to follow down the same road of making poor lifestyle choices.

“I want to make more people aware of the strain we put on our bodies by not being active. My Nan, my children and the hope of changing lives is what motivates me.”

Initially Charlotte created a workout with her friends and their children, so set up a regular buggy bootcamp session. She now runs several women only workouts and holds fundraising events to raise money for the hall hire and equipment.

“Being more active can help increase life expectancy and be good for mind, body and soul. My classes have featured in local newspapers and are now being acknowledged by local GP’s as a way to self-prescribe.”

Not only does Charlotte show us how you can fit physical activity into a busy life, she also inspires us with her community work. At Christmas last year she opened her house to her neighbours, giving them dinner and providing a social area for those who suffer with loneliness and isolation. As well as this she offers a befriending service to older ladies who are socially isolated.

“I know it might all sound cliché, but these women motivate me. Knowing I can help others to start living their best lives. I am incredibly lucky to have been blessed to meet all of them. My Nan was the last in my blood line, but she opened up a door to a family of women who are all inspirations to me.”

Charlotte is immersed in her local community by inspiring and encouraging people to get involved in physical activity. She has shown that taking part in activity can help reduce isolation and loneliness, but also aid in good health.