Street Tag arrived in Basildon on 22nd June using gamification to encourage local people to get moving more using a virtual platform. People can join by themselves or with their family, friends or colleagues, and the tags lead people to key places such as local parks. In the first week local people recorded 302,889 steps, 1.935 tags, and 473 miles walked, run and cycled.


Week beginning 17th August, Street Tag “Power Hour” launched in Basildon providing a flexible hour during the day for local residents to work out by walking, cycling, and running to scan virtual tags. The power hour was promoted by Basildon LDP participated in the Street Tag podcast, ‘Remarkable Taggers’

Since Street Tag launched in Basildon in June, over 5.5m steps have been counted meaning over 8,500 miles have been walked, run, cycled or skated by borough residents since just last month using the app.