What are the things that separate good coaches from great coaches? Well, we know that one of those elements is curiosity; it is the urge you feel to know more about something. Alongside this is the knowledge that the more we learn and find out, the more we realise we don’t actually know as much as we thought! This is where the ‘Curious Coaches Club’ comes in!

Each week we will be holding a conversation about a particular coaching topic that we know is important to coaches and one that many would like to learn more about. You see, we are all coaches as well and are fascinated by the process and art of coaching, helping people to learn and grow whilst using sport and activity as the vehicle to achieve this. Sometimes this might be helping another person get better at a specific technical or tactical outcome or it could be to support someone else to increase their confidence or communication skills.

The ‘Curious Coaches Club’ will have three parts to it:

  1. Watch ‘A Conversation About…’ between expert coaches live on a Monday or on-demand via UKCoaching.org or our You Tube channel.
  2. Engage and take part in a more in-depth conversation about the topic on Wednesday or Thursday via smaller informal gatherings of coaches hosted by one of our team.
  3. Continue the conversation via the community aspect of ‘Connected Coaches’ hosted on our website.

Over the coming weeks we will be following this process to talk about all sorts of different topics and feel free to share with us if there are any specific topics, discussions or coaches you would like to hear from and we will see what we can do!

We’ve already been listening to your feedback to make our sessions even better. Some of our tweaks include:

  • Increasing the capacity of our Monday, Wednesday & Thursday sessions to allow more coaches to join us
  • Building in more time to answer your questions
  • Giving you an earlier preview of upcoming sessions
  • We have also tweaked our timings of sessions to help with connection and signing in issues as recommended by our tech team


Bookings for the next two weeks of sessions are now open. To help us help us make sure you receive all of the joining information in time for your sessions bookings will now be closing at midnight the night before each session.

  • Mon – 500 capacity
  • Wed/Thurs – 35 capacity

Next weeks topics is about our own learning and a focus on you. See below for information of our Monday afternoon kick off session:


Learning Socially, Monday 6 April, 14:15 – 15:15

We know as coaches we can sometimes struggle to make time for our own learning and development. This is likely to be even harder now, when all our normal routines and social networks have been changed dramatically. This session will focus on how we, as coaches, can nurture our social learning groups and build new ones. We will explore the world of remote social groups that can nurture, inspire and support us. We will look at how we can take great ideas and lessons learnt from our current situation back to interacting less remotely in the future.

Join Jenny Coady (UK Coaching Coach Developer, ex-international basketball player & coach) and Marianne Davies (UK Coaching Senior Coach Developer and adventure sports coach) who will be exploring how and why our social learning spaces matter. How we can understand them better? How we can build great social learning opportunities that will really impact us as coaches, both now and going forward into a new and likely very different future?

Booking Link: https://www.ukcoaching.org/courses/workshops/curious-coaches-club-open-webinar


Community of Practice sessions

We would love you to join us in a smaller more in-depth community of practice conversation around Monday’s ‘Learning Socially’ webinar on either Wednesday (11:15 – 12:15) or Thursday (18:15 – 19:15). To attend these sessions you must have attended the live session on Monday or watched it on demand via Connected Coaches. Places are limited so get in quick to secure your place.

Booking Link: https://www.ukcoaching.org/courses/workshops/curious-coaches-community-of-practice