Name: Danny Stoten
Location: Chelmsford
Favourite sport: Boxing

Not all of the remarkable stories that sport creates are of achievements. There is an incredible legion of people who work tirelessly behind the scenes, volunteering not for their own activity but for the enjoyment and opportunity of others. December’s One in a Million is focused on a man who does exactly this.

DCI Danny Stoten has spent the past 6 years doing exactly this. He has dedicated his team, and his own money in raising over £160,000 for disabled children in Essex. These children do not qualify for NHS funding, or need more than the level of care available to them, often leaving their family to struggle. For example a young girl who suffers with Quadriplegic Cerebral Palsy. DCI Stoten raised £21,000 to pay for the installation of a hydro-pool at her parents home. This allows the young girl to develop her muscular strength, aiding her capacity to walk and be mobile.

In the boxing gym which Danny is part of he also runs a gang diversion programme. Here he works with teenage boys and girls who are considered at risk of gang involvement. In his own words Danny says: “It costs nothing for each of them to take up 3 square foot in the gym”.