About the Project

Organisation: Fusion Lifestyle

Dates of Project: Sept 2016 – March 2017

Customers who declared they had a disability on the GP referral assessment were offered an initial reduced cost 12 sessions (‘Get Active’) at Fusion Southend Leisure & Tennis Centre and if they attended all the sessions they were then awarded a further 12 free sessions (‘Keep Active’)

11 participants took part in the programme.

100% of participants completed the initial 12 weeks to get their additional 12 weeks.

221 sessions were attended in total by participants on this programme. Sessions include swimming, gym and group exercise.


Average self-rated fitness before the sessions started (0 – very unfit – 10 very fit) = 1.5

Average self-rated fitness after the sessions (0 – very unfit – 10 very fit) = 6.5

  • 100% of participants stated they enjoyed themselves
  • 93% stated they gained new skills
  • 93% stated their confidence was boosted
  • 100% stated their fitness had improved
  • 100% felt a sense of achievement after completing their sessions
  • 93% felt confident using the leisure centre
  • 100% will carry on using the leisure centre


Having the offer of 12 additional weeks if they attend their entire initial 12 sessions has given the participants the incentive to make all their sessions.  Fusion is now looking to extend this to their wider GP referral scheme to boost retention.

Participant Feedback

‘The best thing about the programme is feeling fitter; I could hardly walk but now that’s changed for the better’ Paul B

‘I lost my leg when I was in my 40s but kept active and never needed a gym. I recently had a tumour on my spine which left me home bound, but with the help I have received through this programme I do feel so much fitter now’ Nigel K

‘I struggle so much with my breathing I find most things unenjoyable but meeting Mark every week and getting out the house is what I enjoyed most’ Rita H

‘I am very happy once I have completed my exercise and meeting new people in the same situation as me is good’ Derdrie M