A great photo can often make or break a sports story, so this month we caught up with Paul Starr of Essex based family firm Starr Photos to ask him about the challenges of creating great photos and film when the subject matter of your story is ‘on the move’!


What do you enjoy most about shooting sport?

“You get to really know each sport and understand how it works ‘technically’ so to speak. Once you know how each sport plays out, you can then anticipate what’s going to happen and plan for that definitive shot.”


Paul enjoys shooting Rugby most because of the way the play flows on the pitch. Getting a shot of the determination of a player charging down the wing produces a really powerful image with great movement.


If you want that specific shot, what equipment is best to have?

“It’s not just long lenses that are needed to capture sport but fast, large aperture lenses too, with a variety of focal lengths to capture everything from bails being knocked off wickets to the atmosphere in a sprawling crowd.”


When asked about the key challenges when capturing a sporting moment, Paul replied: “The speed of the unfolding action is what makes sport so hard to shoot. Movements are erratic and unpredictable, but if you’ve got the correct lens and are not frightened to go for it when you think the moment is right to press the shutter button, you can capture some stunning moments that makes all the effort worthwhile.”


And who is your sporting hero?

“No doubt. David Gower is a hero of mine. He had some fine innings in his time and captained the England Cricket team too.”