A women’s only swimming lessons/sessions was hosted by Leisure World Colchester, which was aimed at Asian women and girls who cannot participate due to the cultural, economic and personal barriers. The funding covered 10 sessions, with the ages of participants ranging from 9-36. The sessions were delivered on a Sunday morning between 7-8am, as this was the only time the centre could accommodate the cultural requirements of the group. To allow them to participate female lifeguards and swimming teachers were used throughout the project.


  • Participants engaged – 31
  • Targeted Asian women and girls in the Colchester area.
  • 40% of participants weren’t physically active prior to taking part in the project.
  • All participants agreed that they enjoyed the sessions, gained new skills, their confidence had increased and physical fitness had improved.
  • All participants said that taking part in the activity had made them more likely to take part in sport/physical activity in next 6 months.
  • Exit route- sessions are continuing to take place on Sunday mornings with pool subsiding the cost of the pool hire and women contributing to the cost of the coaching.

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Womens Swimming Sessions Colchester