Natalie & Terri

Sisters Natalie and Terri grew up being very active; both black belts in Judo, both competing at county level and even representing Ireland in the World Championships. However, somehow over the years life got in the way and exercise and a healthy lifestyle took a back seat.

Last year they decided this needed to change. They both joined a Walking Netball team at Basildon Sporting Village and this inspired them to make the time for exercise.

Natalie said, “To see all these ladies in their 60’s, 70’s and 80’s playing, it was a real wake up call that we needed to make changes now in order to be like these ladies in years to come.” Terri was a financial advisor and Natalie a purchasing manager; wanting a career change they opted to do something together and saw it as a chance to get back into sport. They both embarked on a ‘Move it or Lose it’ course to support older people into exercise to keep them mobile and in their own homes for as long as possible.

Natalie and Terri are Active Essex’s March ‘One in a Million’ because they are sharing a story that lots will relate to. So many of us think that because life is paced at 100mph we can’t do the things we love, nor can we make time for physical activity. The sisters show us that we don’t have to have this mind-set.

“Physical activity is amazing, it makes you feel so good, not just because of the obvious health benefits, but it gives you a sense of belonging, is a confidence builder and makes you feel so much happier and relaxed. It’s been amazing to just get that me time back and doing something positive and rewarding” says Terri.

Since completing their ‘Move it or Lose it’ course in December they now run three classes and are planning on starting another two in April.

“We both feel like we’ve gone back 25 years and wonder why we didn’t do something like this before! It is challenging but the comments from our clients make it so rewarding.”

Natalie and Terri are planning on getting around 10 active classes going each week and will continue to build new classes wherever they can. They have exciting times ahead.