About the Project

  • Active Southend worked with Summercare, an organisation providing services for adults with learning disabilities.
  • Through a pilot project, a need had been identified for these adults to play football all year-round.
  • The Get Active For All funding was used to support the introduction of these sessions, starting January 2016.
  • The sessions are used to improve participants’ fitness and social skills, and to give them confidence in the sport so as to eventually allow them to play against others who have the same level of disability.


  • An average of 12 participants per session.
  • 100% of participants stated they had gained new skills.
  • 92% stated that their confidence was boosted.
  • 100% had discovered something that they liked doing.
  • 100% stated their physical fitness had improved.
  • 100% felt part of something.
  • 100% will carry on taking part.
  • 92% made new friends.

“The best thing about taking part was meeting new friends; I really enjoyed myself.” Alan (participant)

“It feels great when I score a goal.” Tony (participant)

“I enjoy playing football so much.” Anton (participant)