About the Project

  • Following the Workplace Challenge ‘Midday Mile’ event in May 2015, where over 60 ECC staff participated in a lunchtime run in the park, interest was expressed for a weekly staff lunchtime running group.
  • Working with Run England and Run Fit Essex (deliverers), Active Essex set up a workplace running group catering to the needs of the staff (needs were identified via a survey).
  • The group started as an 8-week free programme and continued thereafter in the form of ongoing paid sessions.
  • The running group caters for all abilities, from complete beginners to regular runners.
  • Sessions take place every Wednesday lunchtime for 45 minutes.


  • There is an average number of 25 staff per session.
  • 100% felt re-energised when returning to work.
  • 81% reported their confidence was boosted.
  • 91% reported their physical fitness improved.
  • 100% felt de-stressed following the run.
  • 91% made new friends.
  • 91% felt increase productivity when returning to work.

“Since starting the running group I’ve had the confidence to start doing Park Runs. I never thought that I would be able to run 5km.” Ghislaine (participant)

“Knowing there will be company to run with at a regular day and time (of mixed abilities) is great. It has improved my fitness, general health and wellbeing. It has reduced stress and improved resilience to illness (I’m one of few people not to have been off sick due to recent illness circulating the team).” Greg (participant)

“I really look forward to the Wednesday running session. It makes me look forward to coming into work. It was nice to have a scheduled session to attend in the day without having to worry about childcare.” Vicki (participant)

“The best thing is being able to get out in the fresh air and take a proper break, yet still achieve my personal goal of improving my fitness/running skills.” Kay (participant)

Click here for more info on workplace running groups or contact hayley.chapman@activeessex.org.