About the Project

  • Active Essex delivered a workplace netball league for workplace teams in Chelmsford.
  • 7 workplace teams entered the league.
  • The league ran for 8 weeks with matches taking place every Tuesday lunchtime at Riverside Ice and Leisure Centre.
  • Each match was 16 minutes long.
  • There were 5 players in a team (with a maximum of 2 subs) and teams were mixed genders with a maximum of 2 males per team.
  • There were 40 participants in total.


  • 100% felt part of something.
  • 85% felt the matches helped them de-stress.
  • 90% felt an increase in productivity when returning to work.
  • 80% felt re-energised when returning to work.
  • 77% found a sport they enjoyed.
  • 77% made new friends.
  • 70% reported their confidence was boosted.
  • 62% reported their physical fitness improved.

Participants were asked to rate their level of fitness before and after the 8-week programme. Specifically, they were asked the following question: ‘On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your level of physical fitness (1 being very unfit and 10 being very fit)?

Before the programme, participants gave an average score of 6. After the 8 week programme, participants rated an average score of 7.

The greatest increase in self-reported fitness levels was from a lady who rated herself 4 at the start and 7 at the end of the programme.

“It makes me do exercise at lunch time. I enjoyed doing a sport which I haven’t done for years.” Emma (participant)

“It was great getting a team from the department involved in doing something fun together.” Stacey K (participant)

“The best thing about the league was meeting new people and increased fitness.” Victoria (participant)

“Great for team building, fitness and a reason to get out of the office at lunch.” Stacey L (participant)

For more info on Workplace Challenge, contact hayley.chapman@activeessex.org.