Colchester Cancer Poster

This is a 5 day course taking place at Colchester Leisure world from 1st to 5th April and is delivered by experienced University lecturers and boasting the most comprehensive syllabus. The course is divided between theoretical knowledge and practical skill development to equip the exercise professional with all the key information and experience to be confident in working with clients recovering from cancer diagnosis and treatment.

The course is independently endorsed by PD Approval and recognised by the Register of Exercise Professionals, contributing to 20 REPs CPD points.

Learning outcomes and objectives

The course boasts the most comprehensive syllabus for those seeking to advance their knowledge of exercise, cancer and rehabilitation, including

  • Understanding Cancer and its treatments
  • Lifestyle factors that increase the risk of cancer
  • Dietary factors that can affect the risk of cancer
  • Exercise Referral within cancer treatment and rehabilitation
  • Cancer treatments and their effect on exercise
  • Preparation for exercise referral
  • Exercise testing and programme guidance
  • Exercise programming advice for dealing with symptoms and side effects of treatment
  • Case studies and risk factors
  • Motivation and behaviour change

For more information and to book your place please see contact details:

T: 01307 469055