Name: Tina Boswell
Location: Southend-on-Sea
Favourite sport: Running

We all hear the stories that as we get older, taking part in physical activity and keeping active can become more difficult to sustain. ‘I wish I had legs like yours’, ‘I wish I had the body I had 40 years ago’, are the common phrases.

Whilst physical activity and sport is proven to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals, the older population is one of the key groups in Greater Essex likely to be inactive and under-represented.

That is not the case for  Southend-on-Sea Based runner Tina Boswell.

Tina is an active-runner, who regularly takes part in the Southend parkrun, as well as fitting in aqua aerobics, badminton, cycling and boot camp into her weekly routine.

“I’ve always tried to keep fit and taken part in all the new keep fit crazes over the years.

“Being physically active has changed me as it lifts my mood, being out in the fresh air with like-minded friends. I’ve made so many great caring and supportive friends through my various activities”

Tina finds herself inspired by seeing those who don’t find physical activity easy take part.

“I wasn’t a fan of physical activity at school as I never felt ‘good enough’ but I wish I had the courage to persevere without worrying about what everybody thought of me.

“I try to encourage as many friends and people of all ages who feel challenged by the thought of ‘getting active to get involved and see what they gain from it.”

As well as encouraging others, one of Tina’s favourite sporting moments was volunteering as a games maker at the 2012 Olympic games and watching the Team GB white water rafting team win gold.

“The atmosphere was electric and I thoroughly enjoyed being part of this wonderful sporting event. I enjoy volunteering as much as taking part.”

All of this was leading up to Tina’s biggest achievement so far. In 2017, at the age 63, Tina ran the Brighton marathon alongside two friends and raising money for ME Research UK.

“It was the hottest Brighton Marathon on record and I dislike the heat, but I kept on going to see my wonderful family waiting for me at the end.

“It was an achievement I never thought I could realise”

Tina has also just returned from finishing the Amsterdam half marathon, despite twisting her ankle in mile eight

She has now completed 5 half marathons and several other races and events and raised money for various charities.

Tina is optimistic about her sporting future and wishes to stay active for as long as she can!

“I would say to anybody who doubts themselves that if I can do it, anyone can!

“Finished Last’ will always be better  than  ‘not finished’ which always trumps ‘Did not start”

Tina is truly one in a million! If you are feeling inspired and want to find out more about clubs, sports and activities in your area, visit our activity finder at