We have an amazing Opportunity for ladies in Thurrock that would like to get more active.


This programme is designed to

  • get you on track with your fitness as a long-term plan.
  • Support you financially for the first 8 weeks
  • Help create a habit for you, so you take that time out for you
  • help you understand that you are worth an hour a week to spend on you
  • We will support you, even if that means we meet you in the car park for week 1
    Provide ongoing support in a members group on FB
  • Create a safe environment for you to exercise in without judgement or shaming
  • Show that exercise if for everyone, no matter what age, size or ability



You will always have an alternative to suit you, so whether you have a larger frame to work with or you are smaller and ready to take the exercise to the next level, the workout can work with you.


This opportunity will start at the beginning of October.

  • ONLY open to new members that are not registered with us already
  • Tuesday Night & Thursday night Fight Klub is excluded from this offer


See below for more details:

Fit4Life Poster