Angela Smith
Sport: Running
Contact Name: Angela Smith
Age: 40

I have made sporting activity become a central part of my fitness, health and wellbeing. My main choice of sport is running, I find a sense of release and freedom when I run.

I have four boys which keep me very busy, my youngest was born profoundly deaf and has recently been fitted with cochlear Implants which has added a whole new take on life and being a busy mum, fitting in lots of specialist appointments for my son I needed to find time to release my anxiety and stress. Running then became my best friend. It allowed me to be me on runs and free my mind of everyday stress.

I have a hereditary heart condition which also spurs me to stay healthy and show my boys that activity isn’t a chore it’s a fun addition to life. We regularly attend a weekly free run the park which is fun for my family. Living a healthy balanced life has given me a new lease of life losing over 3 stone in weight means I can keep up with active boys age 19, 13, 4 and 3 years.

Something many people can relate to I have always suffered anxiety and on/off depression in my life. Running plays a major role in my stress release; I have also found a love for other sports activities including kettlercise, swimming, cycling and body balance. In addition to these I have found a love for meditation and mindfulness which helps me to center my thoughts, feeling and control anxiety attacks to a degree.

This is where being part of supportive group’s plays a part in moving forward with my efforts and achieving goals. This is why I am part of #Thisgirlcan. I am inspired to be better than I was yesterday! No competition but to improve myself each day.

This is a link to the publicity before the London Marathon 2015. Since then I have raced several 10k’s, Half Marathons and marathons.

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