Photo of Billy Ray Mansell

Billy Ray Mansell is an award-winning Volunteer Ambassador, Apprentice, Coach, Influencer and Campaigner. He has propelled his journey and gone the extra miles in promoting physical activity as a positive mechanism to his family, friends, colleagues, fellow Fibromyalgia cohort, volunteers and even MP’s, Ministers and other unique individuals. Examples include his work as an Essex All Together Ambassador within Disability and Inclusion Sport, Coach Core Team Essex Apprentice (Community Activator Apprenticeship) with Active Essex at Essex County Council. Billy also takes part as an Everyday Superhero with thanks to the UK’s biggest Disability and Inclusion Sports Series from The Superhero Series, powered by Marvel. Billy loves to support campaigns that highlight inclusion and participation in physical activity and sport for all ages and abilities, in particular he has also found a love for superhero adventures in his locality with his 3 year old Son.

Billy believes that physical activity could be imbedded into the heart of cross sector strategies and a way to address many issues and crisis’s with a focus on how physical activity, can be at the true heart of the way we help people in the UK. He has recently accepted a role to join the Coach Core National Youth Board and is currently pursuing a new job working in bank as a Care Assistant for Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership at MSE Hospitals, while still channeling his passion for physical activity on a daily basis and possible next steps.