Daniel Moores
Sport: Football
District: Southend

Hi my name is Daniel; I am the Youth Representative, Child Welfare Officer and Website administrator for Essex Soccability League and the CEO & Founder of Westcliff United Soccability Club. I have always been a sporting person, representing Essex in cross-country, 800m and 400m, captain of my high school and college football team. What I have learnt is that sport is not just a health & fitness benefit but also a therapy tool.

Sport is good at controlling stress, depression, and anxiety, it improves health and a fit person is more likely to be well-rested and mentally sharp. It can contribute towards the person’s development both psychologically and socially.

I find outstanding results while coaching children with learning difficulties, ADHD and very low self-esteem; it builds confidence to improve at school and helps make new friends. The feedback received from parents and teachers is unbelievable.

This is the reason why I coach 5 times a week because I can see the difference it’s making in all their lives. This is also a good therapy session for me too.

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