Elle Linton
Sport: Running. Swimming, Cycling and Weightlifting
Contact Name: Elle Linton
Age: 32

I’m a 32 year old Fitness Professional based in Loughton, Essex. I live by the principle that if #ThisGirlCan, then you can too! Although I’ve been involved in sport and exercise for as long as I can remember, I’ve never found it easy to either motivate myself or commit to training. I’m lucky enough to have been surrounded by inspiring people who encouraged me to take up roles in fitness and believed in me when my confidence was low. When I know I’ll find it difficult, I surround myself with as many amazing people as I can find – towards the end of 2016, I setup my own Run Club based in East London to train specifically for the London Winter Run which took place in February 2017 (and will be back in February 2018). Each week, I got to meet and run with people whom I may never have crossed paths with before, but who I can now call friends! We formed a great community and through the support we all provided each other, I myself, along with many others achieved a Personal Best time on race day!

As a Fitness Professional, I specialize in training women; I currently teach weekly HIIT (High Intensity Training) classes and Barbell classes alongside some Personal Training (specifically using altitude). I also work part time as a Marketing Assistant, Content Creator and Blogger. When it comes to my own training, I like to keep myself challenged so I always vary what I do – my current sports and activities of choice are running, swimming, cycling and lifting weights.

When it comes to the This Girl Can campaign, I’m inspired to share the message that I empathise. Because even as a Fitness Professional, I feel the same feels. I feel the self-doubt, the low confidence, the apprehension. And I want women to feel too …feel good, feel happy, feel strong, feel confident… be in the moment.

(Photo Credit: www.lolography.com / Lolography)

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