Sport: Running/Swimming
Contact Name: Liz Cox
Age: 36

As a brief introduction, my name’s Liz, I’m 36 originally from London but have lived in Basildon for 11 years.  My sporting passion is running, I love the freedom and the choice between having some ‘me time’ and running with friends and I’ve gone from struggling to get around the block to running marathons.  I’m also very involved and passionate about parkrun, so much so that I’ve recently become co-Event Director of Thurrock parkrun, Orsett Heath!

My main issue throughout my life has been my lack of confidence, I spent my teens and twenties being overweight and unhealthy before realising in my thirties that I needed to take control.  The hardest thing for me was summoning up the courage to join a running club and run with people I didn’t know and be seen running in public.  What I want is for all women to have the confidence to take part in the sports that interest them without worrying what others think.  I’ve recently started swimming, and again, it took a massive amount of courage for me to get into a swimming costume in front of other people!

Seeing all of the positive role models and inspirational women in the This Girl Can campaigns has got me thinking, “if I can remember how to ride a bike, maybe I could do a triathlon next…..”

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