Lucy Everard
About Lucy’s Class:

Lucy is always smiling even during a 3 minute pulsing squat! She’ll put you through the paces in a great workout for the legs, bums and tums! But you’ll be sure to feel good after!

Hear from Lucy: 

Hello, I’m Lucy from Essex Fit Mums in Basildon. I have been teaching for awhile now in schools, gyms, parks and in my home, doing online sessions.  I love keeping active, it makes me feel great inside and out and I hope my enthusiasm rubs off onto my children, friends, family and class participants. I like to vary what I do to keep myself motivated – I believe there’s an activity or sport for everyone, you’ve just got to keep trying new things until you find some activities you enjoy doing. Every week I do weights, cardio and yoga….. but ask me again in a few months and I may have found something new to try 🙂

I will be bringing my Legs, Bums & Tums class to you every week on a Friday, the sessions will be suitable for anyone regardless of how much you have worked out in the past. I’m very excited to workout with you all and hope you will get your whole household involved, spreading the word to your friends and family. See you soon. Lucy

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