Melanie Gould
Sport: Fitness/ Running
Contact Name: Melanie Gould

Hi ladies! I’m Melanie and I have a mental illness, I suffer with anxiety. It is a constant battle for me every day although now I am able to fight it more sufficiently, through a variety of exercises and running. I have had quite a journey these past few years, resulting in a loss of 9st and I have developed a passion for sports and fitness. So much so that I am currently studying for a level 3 diploma in personal training which I will qualify for in May 2017!

Running is my go to exercise and it is really important to me as it really calms my anxiety and helps me feel stress free, body positive and healthy. I take part in many different classes at my local gym and have made so many new friends doing so. With my running I enjoy taking part in distant races and obstacle races, which I never I could do with my anxiety holding me down. I have managed to do this by having a really great support network which consists of my family, friends that I have made through running and my running club. I belong to Pitsea RC which is an amazing and supportive club to be a part of.

This girl can has inspired me to try new things, such as drum and base workouts and boxing, but also shows me that I can do anything if I try. I ran for ‘This Girl Can Run’ last year at the Windsor 10k.

I set myself fitness goals every month to achieve and would always welcome along any ladies who would like to do them with me if it’s something they would like to do. You can contact me through the Thisgirlcanessex Facebook page or join my Facebook group linked below.

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