sophie Biebuyck Ambassador
Sport: Running
District: Brentwood

Hi my name is Sophie; I have never been ‘sporty’ but when I lost my hearing I lost a huge amount of confidence and started to put on weight. This all changed when I got my hearing dog, Rusty. As I was walking him and getting more active I thought I could try to gradually build up to a jog – the rest was history! I soon got ‘the bug’, lost 2 stone and my confidence grew.

This year I completed both the Great North and Great South runs raising money for Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. There has been a lot that I can no longer do due to my hearing loss but running is now a favourite hobby.

I feel that deaf and all disabled people should have the same access to sport, and the benefits that come from participating in sport, as everyone else – from my experience if you have a disability your confidence and mental health are likely to be hugely challenged. Participating in sport can drastically help with this.

See a video on Sophie below:

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