I am Charlotte from Chelmsford; I am a 32 year old single mum to a wonderful 2.5 year old girl. I quit my job as a police officer to become a stay at home mum until my marriage break down in 2015. I was part way through my training to become an Advanced level Sports Massage Therapist at the time. However, I am now a self-employed Sports Massage Therapist treating clients both privately at my studio room at TST in Chelmsford and at Life Chiropractic in Rayleigh.

Now that I am working, and my daughter is in nursery and with her Dad every other weekend, I have more time to myself again. I have got back into training for the first time in years and have decided to take up Triathlon. I joined Mi-Gym Crossfit training gym in Chelmsford last year to start off building up my strength again after putting on a lot of weight whilst pregnant I had very little confidence in my body. I the joined Tri-Spoke a dedicated triathlon training program based in Colchester.

I now train 6 times a week fitting in training in my breaks at work whilst my daughter is in nursery and at weekends, I enlist the help of family to babysit whilst I dash out for a quick run or bike ride. I have entered two events so far this year The Great North Swim in Lake Windermere to for 5km swim on 12th June and the weekend after that I am doing a Sprint Triathlon in Harwich, Essex.

I am also currently playing rugby for Chelmsford Bluebirds ladies team. I have just got back into rugby after 7 years off and due to work and childcare I cannot train much but I go and play matches when I can.

Triathlon is a multi-disciplinary sport, Swimming, Cycling and Running. It has been a real battle for me to get to this point now, where I am able to have a great life balance, working hard, training regularly and being a great Mum. I wish I had done it sooner and had the courage to push forward with my fitness and sporting interests when my daughter was a baby. I want to be an inspiration to all Mums who think that their time has passed for being fit, active and competing in sports. Your fitness is actually key to your long term physical and mental health and more than that, you will inspire your children to lead a fit and healthy lifestyle too.

If you want to come and join me any time please message me. I am a slow runner and not all that great yet at cycling so let’s to it together!