What is All Together

All Together is an Active Essex campaign for people with a disability or long-term health condition, (be that visible or invisible), and their supporters who believe that physical activity and sport can really help change and impact their lives and others in their community with similar disabilities and health conditions.

Despite the majority of us, (70%), with a disability or long-term health condition wanting to be more active, we’re still twice as likely to be inactive than those without. All Together is a growing community of people who believe that this can change in Essex.

Our fantastic All Together community support one another, inspire, share and promote the benefits of moving more and the opportunities across Essex to do so.

All Together Ambassadors

We have over 40 All Together ambassadors with a wide range of disabilities and long-term health conditions as well as ambassadors without a disability or long-term health condition who support those who do.

There are a number of roles our ambassadors fulfil and ambassadors can sign up based on the role(s) that best fit them:

InspirerShare your journey into sport or physical activity to help inspire others. We would like you to share your story on our website and across our All Together social media.

Promoter – Help us to promote inclusive sport and physical activity opportunities taking place across Essex. As well as promoting what you are doing, make sure you are encouraging others to get involved in inclusive activities. Perhaps you have a friend that would make a great ambassador?

Supporter Do you support a person or a group of individuals with a disability or long-term health condition to get active? You could be a carer/parent/friend/support organisation. We want to hear how you do this and what the benefits are for both yourself and the person you support.

Deliverer – Do you deliver or want to deliver sport or physical activity sessions in your community? We have a map on the Active Essex website that showcases all of the disability and inclusive activity sessions in Essex and we can help support your development as a coach/instructor.

Sign Up

We would love to hear from people in Essex who would be interested in becoming an All Together ambassador. For more information and to sign up to become an ambassador Click here>>

Contact Information

For any enquiries contact Hayley Chapman via email: hayley.chapman@activeessex.org or phone: 07557168120

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