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Jim Messenger, Safeguarding Lead Officer 

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Active Essex believes that all people have the right to take part in sport and physical activity free from harm and abuse. We recognise that children and vulnerable adults are at increased risk and that their protection is of paramount importance.

Safeguarding is the general term for the protection of children and other vulnerable people from exploitation and abuse by others.

Sport and physical recreation activities often place individuals in a position of significant influence over children and vulnerable people. A high level of trust is placed on such individuals by parents, carers and the participants themselves. In the vast majority of cases that level of trust is more than repaid through the commitment, dedication and selflessness of people involved in organising and delivering sports an activities, but occasionally that trust can be abused. All organisations and individuals involved in sport should be aware of the risks and act promptly to deal with any concern.

On other parts of the Safeguarding main page you will find useful information on safeguarding matters including what to do if you have a concern.


Introduction to Safeguarding Adults in Sport

Are you delivering sport and physical activity to adults?

It is good practice for sport and activity organisations to create, adopt and implement an adult safeguarding policy. We have worked with Club Matters to provide you with an introduction to safeguarding adults.

You should ensure all of your committee members, leaders, coaches, members and participants understand the foundations of implementing the policy and how to spot and act upon concerns.

The video discusses the key principles of safeguarding adults, including empowerment accountability and protection.

The video provides top tips for dealing with a safeguarding issue and links to wider advice and information.


Active Essex Safeguarding Policies