By engaging your community and bringing them on-board with you, rather than delivering something to them, you will increase the likelihood that projects or solutions will be more widely accepted and successful. Below are some resources, toolkits and training to aid you with consultation, engaging local people and how to take an asset based community development approach.

You can also analyse real data to understand what’s happening with activity levels in regions, cities, towns and villages across England through visiting our insight and research page.

Club Matters – Club People, Members and Participants

A deeper understanding of your community will help you identify potential new members, volunteers and projects. Rather than supporting a particular club or group, funders are increasingly looking to support projects that benefit the wider community.

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Sporting Structures – Engaging your community workshop

Understanding and engaging with your community is a vital part of club sustainability. This workshop will guide you to understand who your local community are and how you can effectively engage with them to maximise the benefit for both the club and the community.

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