The Bodymove web-app has been set-up to provide chair-based exercise to older people in their homes. The classes are designed to build strength, balance, proprioception and overall stability.

Bodymove applied for Essex Local Delivery Pilot Micro-grant funding earlier this year. The LDP micro-grant programme is open access for local people who have a great idea to get their local community more active and recognises local people are the most important assets in their community.

Cheryl Lomas, Essex Local Delivery Pilot co-ordinator for Tendring said: “It’s important for ELDP to fund small projects like this as they are the ones with the passion to help their community, they are not in it to make millions, instead they want to connect with people on their level and help them to achieve their personal goals.”

Bodymove aims to help older people feel stronger and more confident in their ability to get out of the chair, move more and feel strong enough to leave the house. The web-app activities should give older individuals the confidence to be able to attend community activities or visit friends and family. Bodymove want to improve the mental and physical wellbeing of older people, whilst also helping to reduce social isolation and anxiety.

Classes are designed to be short, yet effective, with lots of opportunity for progression. All classes have been designed by a degree qualified and experienced trainer, and they can be accessed via tablet, smart phone or any device with internet access.

Matt Rozier, Project Lead said; “We are really excited to help older people improve their strength, mobility, stability and confidence. We can’t wait to see the first person go from being chair-bound to having the confidence to leave the house and attend community groups. Our app has the potential to make a real impact on the lives of older people and it is a privilege to be able to do that!”