Inspirational Toyin from Basildon, has been able to move through her childhood trauma and find inner peace though the beauty of dance which has helped with regulating her feelings and emotions.

Physical activity has impacted Toyin in a tremendous way; she now thinks more positively, shows gratitude and has a positive outlook on life. Gone are the days when she didn’t feel worthy, now she has a strong feeling that she is ‘enough’ and that she has everything inside her to become who she has always meant to be.

Toyin has since written a book called Hush to Roar to capture her passion and to support others in understanding that they can become unstuck from their past and has received so many lovely comments of how the book has helped individuals ‘see a light at the end of the tunnel’. Hush to Roar was manifested through Toyin’s personal story, having undergone several unimaginable adverse childhood experiences, including sexual childhood abuse within the family. She has been asked to attend many events off the back of her book launch and is now a key advocate in helping prevent abuse in family settings in the first place.

As a result of her transformational business and book, the holistic action steps to the recovery from childhood trauma help others to see how they can become unstuck from their deep-rooted hurt and pain, and instead thrive towards having positive health and mental wellness.

Toyin continues to grow and transform lives and is developing courses that incorporates dance and other activities to lift the mood of her clients and give them the support to blossom. She is also seeking other organisational support to help the various projects she is working on to stop abuse.

A perfect note to end on, to summarise how inspirational Toyin and her outlook is:

“Your inner child has a voice, don’t suppress it, let it roar.”


For more information on Toyin and her book Hush to Roar visit her website here.