In support of the National campaign We Are Undefeatable, we want to share stories of residents in Essex living with long term health conditions and how physical activity is helping manage their condition and providing better mental health and wellbeing.

The We Are Undefeatable campaign is helping people with health conditions find ways to get active, whatever that looks like. There are over 15 million people in England who live with long term health conditions and there are many ways to get moving. In each story you will find a list of physical activities the individual is taking part in and how and where to join in for yourself.

Cindy is living with Rheumatoid Arthritis, Heart failure and Osteoporosis and she gets involved in a number of activities to get out and keep moving. Read her story here.

Billy is living with Fibromyalgia and participates in lots of activities. He is currently on the Coach Core Apprentice Programme. Read his story here.

Megan is living with Type 1 Diabetes and is currently an Occupational Therapist for Sport for Confidence. Megan participates in Circus Classes to keep active. Read her story here.

Active for Life is a physical activity programme for people affected by cancer. Read more.

Albert is living with Type 2 Diabetes and Scheuermann’s disease and participates in swimming, golf, cycling and the Let’s Keep Moving Group! Read his story here.

Edward takes part in physical activity to give him better mobility and improve his quality of life whilst living with Diabetes. Read more.

LEAP (The Life Enhancing Activity Programme)  in Colchester has a specific Diabetes Support Programme that develops participants knowledge of the condition and motivating them to do exercise. Read here.

64 year old Ian Law is living with high cholesterol and type 2 diabetes. Ian didn’t want to control his conditions with medication and instead wanted to try diet and physical activity. Read More.

Emma Broome

Size doesn’t matter when it comes to heart disease. Meet Emma Broome, This Girl Can Essex ambassador who participates in a range of different activities and delivers Hypopressives! Read more.


Attend one of our Long Term Health Condition workshops to develop your understanding around working effectively alongside individuals with long term health conditions.

Please also check out UK Coaching, for Coaching People with Long Term Health Conditions