Various: Swimming, Yoga, Walking Netball

5 years ago before Fibromyalgia I use to do sport all the time. I use to run and this had slowly diminished from 2015 and I just continued walking my dog because it kept me going. After various scans and investigations on a long journey from NHS and private hospital appointments, I started yoga and swimming little by little.

I then started 1 minute which progressed to 5 minutes weekly on an exercise bike and began jogging up my road in which I can jog in 15 minutes. I am now enjoying netball again after 5 years, I joined a local walking netball group. It exhausts me as I work as a hairdresser 4 days a week. But I love it!

I now swim once a week and I have a Fibromyalgia group where I have recently encouraged others to participate.

Sport and physical activity is important for my mental wellbeing and in hope that the menopause weight can be improved!

Building self-confidence has been a long journey after having a pain management course and much therapy. I have learnt that I’m not my former self and to stop comparing my accomplishments now with where I used to be. I am proud of the accomplishments I achieve now!

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