Many of us are young at heart, aren’t we? To help us stay active and able, we need to care for ourselves in a different way as our body changes.

As our bodies change, different exercises can help to keep us strong and steady later on. The Find Your Active ‘Able like Mabel’ resources, are a series of movements to do whilst at home and to introduce during your normal daily routine. Regardless of your age, these simple movements will support you in completing every day jobs, and help keep you steady, strong and able – all with the aim to ensure you can enjoy your life now, and in your years to come.

Be able like Mabel whilst making a cuppa, or perhaps strong like Ron whilst doing the dishes! Find the support you need to ensure you can stay healthier, strong and active for longer.

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If you would like to request a number of print versions of the Able like Mabel booklets, activity cards and resources, please fill in your details using the link below, and a member of the team will be able to support you in this distribution.

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Download your Find Your Active Able like Mabel booklet here!

Fill in the form below, to receive your resource booklet and activity cards. A HTML screen reader option is available. Please note that these resources are only for use online. If you would like a printed version, please submit your details above.

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Videos to support the booklet

Following the Find Your Active, Able like Mabel Strength and Balance Resource, you will find a range of videos to follow-along with at home. From specific videos which correlate to the booklet directly to videos from other Essex instructors to continue to strengthen you and your physical health.

If after taking the self-check in the booklet, you feel confident enough, why not join a class instead? Here you will meet a range of like-minded people, in a friendly, safe environment. You can find a list of classes near you on our Find Your Active activity finder!

Find Your Active near you!

For more ways to get started on your movement journey, check out our how to get started page, which contains more support guides, tips and ideas for you to increase your daily movement, whilst recognising your ability, age and what your body will allow.

Our Find Your Active Community Connectors are on hand to support you as you start or return your journey to activity. Their details can be found on the below page also.

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